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Which types of security guards are there?

In order to keep a facility safe, lawful, and orderly, security guards are deployed. It depends on the facility being guarded what type of security guard is deployed. The security guards at the entrances of shopping malls do not require weapons, unlike those at banks and other sensitive locations. Different types of security personnel have different authority and powers, depending solely on what they have to protect.

The types of security guard services we provide at Sp Facility

Various facilities provide security guards, as well as private security guards. This article discusses the types of facilities that need to be protected and security guards.

Security guards without weapons

In shopping malls, cinemas, residential apartments, ATMs, and other facilities, this type of guard is the most common commercial facilities like Zoos and museums are great places to see animals. Security guards patrol and monitor CCTV footage unarmed.

Guards on mobile units

Security guards on mobile units are responsible for ensuring the safety of facilities. Mobile guards are common in airports and malls. Detecting breaches in the safety system and possible criminal activity is one of their responsibilities. It is common for them to be deployed to spot preparators.

Guards with weapons

A certified armed guard is able to carry a weapon. The responsibility that comes with this is greater. Security guards who carry weapons must undergo comprehensive training. Weapons should also be carried and used in accordance with legal requirements.

Guards for construction sites

On construction sites, security guards are often deployed to prevent trespassing. The construction site is also full of raw materials that should be protected from thieves. As a result, construction site guards need to be proactive and patrol often to ensure that nothing unwanted is occurring at It is a website. Safe Guard On Demand provides construction security guards for hire.

Security guards for corporations

Corporations and offices hire security guards to prevent trespassing, property damage and theft. Employee ID cards are checked by corporate security guards, and visitor logs are maintained.

Guards for retail stores

Store guards, mall guards, and market guards are responsible for preventing theft at various retail and grocery stores. Outgoing customers’ bills and packages should be checked by retail guards. To obtain a security token, retail guards must frisk incoming customers and request their bags and belongings (where applicable).

Guarding the body

Bodyguards protect people. Politicians, celebrities, and eminent figures are frequently protected by teams of bodyguards. The primary task of Protecting a person physically and managing a crowd politely is the job of a bodyguard.

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