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Security guards’ role in fire prevention and control

Delhi NCR security for residential and commercial buildings is discussed in this article

In our modern world, there are many uncertainties and unpredictabilities. Well-trained and well-equipped security teams are essential whenever and wherever accidents occur. A well-trained security team can minimize damage and protect people during natural disasters or terrorist attacks.

A fire outbreak is one of these emergencies that can cause catastrophic damage, resulting in deaths and property losses. It is possible to quickly contain a fire and save lives with a well-trained security team equipped with the proper resources.

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Security guards can patrol the premises and look for potential fire hazards, such as overloaded circuits or blocked exits. They should understand the building layout thoroughly. In addition, they must ensure that all fire extinguishers are functional and report any issues to the appropriate authorities. An experienced guard can recognize signs of a potential fire, such as unusual smoke, and take appropriate action. In addition, security guards can be trained to educate employees about fire safety protocols with regular, informative talks. Fire alarms must be responded to immediately and evacuated accordingly. False alarms and actual fires should, however, be distinguished, and action should be taken accordingly
First responders in a fire emergency can be security guards. Furthermore, they provide basic fire prevention measures such as checking for and extinguishing small fires, such as sounding the alarm. In addition, they can provide critical information to the fire department when they arrive. Firefighters will need to know the location of the fire, how many people are in the building, and any other helpful information to their efforts. In addition to keeping supervisors and clients informed, security personnel must also communicate with their clients.

The following methods are used by security guards in an emergency to ensure everyone is evacuated safely and quickly:
·       Ensure that all exits are marked and accessible
·       Ensures everyone is aware of the evacuation plan
·       Evacuees are typically directed to an assembly point where they can gather in an emergency.
·       To ensure no one is exposed to hazardous materials during an evacuation, security guards are trained to look for chemicals or smoke.
·       Don’t leave anyone behind. Shopping malls and office buildings, especially, are crowded places.
·       Accident or injury victims should also have access to emergency contact information.

Handling hazardous chemicals:

 Hazardous chemicals are stored and handled properly by security guards to prevent fires. This will enable them to respond quickly and appropriately to chemical-related incidents on the premises. The necessary safety equipment should be provided to security guards who are exposed to hazardous materials.

Providing first aid:
 A security guard can provide basic first aid to an injured person until paramedics arrive. Inhaling smoke can cause fainting in fires and security. Guards can handle cases like these. Guards with CPR knowledge can help save lives in extreme situations. They can also provide emotional support for those witnessing or reporting this crime. The evacuation protocol can also be handled by them.
Every day, security guards protect buildings against fires.

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