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Guards’ rights and responsibilities

An institution’s safety depends on security checks. Security guards play a crucial role in providing thorough security to every place, whether it’s a school or a mall. Security guards are responsible for preventing thefts, robberies, vandalisms, trespassings, and other criminal activities. It is important for security personnel to remember that while some actions are allowed, others are not.

Guards can do a variety of things

In order to protect an institution’s safety, security personnel are empowered with certain authorities. Security guards can do the following.

Frisk a person

This is the most common task of a security guard. Be it a residential apartment or a cinema hall, security guards are deployed to check whether people are entering with unauthorized objects. As a security guard, you must ask a person first before frisking. In case you find an object which is not authorized, inform the same immediately to security officers.

Ask a person to wait

A security guard needs to ensure that no unauthorized person is entering the facility. For example, as a security guard of a commercial facility, you must make sure that people who are entering have tickets and proper booking slips. If the person is unable to produce sufficient documents, you can make him or her wait and inform your supervisor.

Arrest if caught red-handed

A security guard can arrest criminals and culprits if they are caught in the act, red-handed. For instance, if you find a group of burglars trying to break in, you can arrest them immediately and take them into your custody. However, call your supervisor immediately after the arrest.

Things security guards can’t do

There are a few things that a security guard is not entitled to do. Please refer to the following points for a brief outline of the same.

It is not possible to use force

If you see someone who seems suspicious, you should contact your immediate police officer. It is not necessary to use force unless you are in self-defense. The act of spitting on the floor, for example, is unauthorized, but not criminal. Spitting on campus or premises can result in fines. However, you cannot use force against the person or show him/her your arms. In contrast, you can use force if you find someone trying to break in.

If you aren’t certified, you can’t carry a weapon

Security guards with weapons certification are few and far between. Arms should never be carried by people who are not certified security guards. Carrying weapons is a violation of policy and will result in action.

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