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There is a great deal of joy, fun, and preparation associated with the festive season. As significant as Diwali is, the festival is accompanied by events, parties, and family visits. We must therefore ensure that our living spaces look attractive and clean. Facility management can fill this gap successfully.

It has been a decade of tremendous growth for facility management and related services. In contrast to informal contractors, citizens have started understanding the value of services provided by organized companies. Housekeeping services are now included in most companies’ services, which are crucial for Diwali preparations. Homes and housing societies can benefit greatly from having facility management on board in the following ways:

1. All parties involved experience a reduction in stress

A good practice is to delegate tasks when there is a large amount of work. It may be necessary to divide responsibilities between family members so that work can be completed earlier at an individual household level. In contrast, an integrated facility management company can handle important facility management tasks in residential complexes, thereby easing the burden of dealing with such large areas.

As such, these companies handle all aspects of the maintenance of a housing society, such as elevator maintenance, visitor services, etc. management, Landscaping in surrounding areas, as well as water and electricity supplies. A professional facility management team can help housing societies achieve a lot in this regard.

Despite the fact that these teams take good care of the areas around our homes, it is important to keep in mind that the spirit of Diwali revolves around giving to others. Making others’ lives easier can manifest in very simple ways- such as taking small steps to reduce their stress. Rather than making last-minute calls to service professionals on Diwali, residents can do this by regularly checking their air conditioners and heaters. The housing security app can be used to enter these details as well so that parking management can be simplified for the security personnel.

2. In charge of maintenance and management

New beginnings and change are part of the festive season. Even though we must maintain our homes throughout the year, it is during Diwali that we want our homes to shine the brightest.

A housing complex cannot function without maintenance, year after year. Facilities management teams can make a world of difference and can even increase their lifespans. Housekeeping services and repairs can be included in this, as well as quality checks and repairs.

Furthermore, residents can contribute to these maintenance activities by supporting them. The management of waste at residential locations is an important process and one that begins at home. Waste segregation at the source and sustainable waste management after group gatherings are the best ways to help. Additionally, our electricity consumption during the holiday season tends to increase, which is equally important to be aware of. Environmental awareness should remain a priority for all residents regardless of the time of year. Monitoring facilities at a micro level makes a substantial difference for an entire area.

3. A deep cleaning is needed

During Diwali, many homes are deep cleaned in preparation for the festival. Cleaning this way is quite different from cleaning on a daily basis. A deep cleaning is an effective way to eliminate accumulated dirt and grime in hard-to-reach corners of your home and prevent the spread of bacteria. Housekeeping services are also offered by facility management companies, allowing families to take care of this important task without having to worry about it. As an example, Sp FacilityHome Services is an app that lets you arrange a team of expert cleaners at your doorstep. As a result, customers can arrange for integrated facility management services with considerable ease. To avoid any last-minute hassles, we can also book our pest control appointments well in advance so that we know our homes are clean.

During this time of year, deep cleaning is typically a team activity, but it is equally important that it occurs across the broader housing society. The housekeeping services extend to common areas such as elevators, lobbies, and outdoor spaces, as well. Residents are able to navigate their housing society with ease and confidence thanks to them.

 Planning, Doing, Checking, and Acting – the PDCA Cycle

Facility management companies use the Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle for quality control and for planning the inspection of areas. The process of planning Diwali cleaning in homes is a simple, alternative way of understanding it.

As a result of this model, there are four steps:

. Developing a plan – Determining the overall goals and priorities

. A detailed plan is crafted to plan the inspection of each area after defining the objectives clearly. An inspection software application is used to record all the information collected during this stage, including the areas to be observed, and team assignments are made area-by-area.

. A review- Following the thorough inspection, the data is subjected to a data audit to be reviewed.

. As a result- After gathering all the information, it is always a good idea to come up with alternative solutions on how to conduct the inspection more efficiently next time.

An in-depth safety audit puts residents at ease as well as facility management teams.

In summary, housekeeping is a multifaceted effort that requires commitment on the part of residents and facility management. Keeping certain resources and areas clean, however, ensures their longevity and prevents disease. This Diwali, make a Make sure your homes are clean and prosperous, as well as helping others around you enjoy their festivals as well.

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